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NaturalPresentation of primary classes held on 24 Feb in Eureka// Photos are uploaded in photo gallery// PTM For classes PP to X held on 24 February // Yash Panchal got wings in Dance India Dance Competition// Admissions are Open for the Session 2018-19// Science Day was celebrated in the school & students presented their effective views about the upcoming technologies//Farewell party was organized on 10 Feb 2018// Photos of the same event are uploaded in photo gallery and on facebook// Drawing Competition was held on 11 Feb. 2018 //

School follow Security Measures to Guarantee Students Safety

Your ward in our school, aside from the expectations that your ward should be properly taught, you will also be concerned about the security of your ward. Security in recent times is becoming a major concern to the average man or woman on the street simple because of the high rate of crimes in various parts of the world.

It is important to take security very seriously. Our School is taking care of all the important security measures in the school for the safety of students.

Our School follow Security Measures to Guarantee Students Safety

1.  CCTV in all Nooks and Crannies of the School Premises

2. The School Compound is Fenced and Gated

 3. There are Security Personal Stationed at the School Gate

4. Clearance is Given To Any Visitor before Entering the School Premises

 5. Students and Teachers are always In Possession of their ID card

 6. Proper Security Check is Conducted before Employing Teachers and Other Employees

7. Students are trained On Security Related Subjects

8. A Security Club is Formed in the School

9. Only the Parents of Students or Someone Duly Assigned are Allowed to Pickup Students from the School

10. Central Security Alarm is also Installed in the School Premises

11. Students Bags are Searched from Time to Time to Prevent Them from Bringing in Dangerous Weapons into the School

12. Students Activities are strictly monitored to avoid them from Joining Secret Cults

13. Students are Encouraged To Report any Suspicious Moves or Person within the School Premises to the School Management.

14. Students are Allowed To Leave the School Premises Only When They Have a Pass from the Security Post

15. People are Discouraged from Loitering or Parking Their Cars outside the School fence

16. Students are not Allowed to Make Use of Mobile Phones within the School Premises

17. Students wear Issued I- Cards

18. Security Panel Community is Setup in Schools to Review Security Policies from Time to Time

19. Kids are Taught Not To Talk To Strangers

20. Teachers are always Vigilant