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In terms of various parameters set by authentic agencies and as per the expectations of society, following measures are being covered to justify our saying that we are the school for the future.

  • Academic Rigour
  • Co-curricular Activities
  • Moral & social values
  • Sports facilities
  • Competence of faculty
  • Individual attention
  • Value for money

We are presenting brief glimpses of our school in the next part of this brochure in the same categories quite justifiably & leave the decision up to you to grade us. You are welcome to put forward your suggestions / comments in the visitors Diaries kept on the front desks of every reception area because we believe that one need not to be old to win gold. Just after five to six years of our inception, we are in a position to receive your judgment open heartedly on where we stand. We can say with pride that in the days to come, our students will go places & each one will find his/her place under the sun.


Tiny TotsWe are proud of the best quality of teaching & training at the pre-primary level. The system which is set up here is not only to teach the child but to nurture him/her. Learning by play way methods is the pedagogy of the school.

We clearly believe that effective teaching and learning can only take place in an orderly environment and that ‘good order is the foundation of all good things’. Our class rooms provide a friendly & stimulating learning environment that allows children to work in groups or individually without distraction.

Towards this goal, the school has set up an olfactory & oratory lab, which is well equipped with educational toys, training equipments and small library to develop their basic psychomotor, cognitive & effective skills. Reading habit is inculcated right from this age through picture reading books.

Our tiny tots have an access to computer lab with the latest software. Computer aided learning has also been provided to pre-primary classes. The school provides maximum opportunities to recognize & encourage the talents of students by helping them to remove their stage fear & be a good public speaker. Many activities are organized in the school like short trips. Awareness of the environment, color concept, learning out bound experiences, health & hygiene workshops are done to explore the best.


Primary SectionOur measure of success for primary students is to find-

  • Confident, well mannered, articulate & happy children empowered with high self esteem.
  • Academically strong & able to diagnose own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Fluent in spoken English with a rich vocabulary. Proper pronunciation & expression.
  • Inspired world citizen.
  • Ability to distinguish right from wrong. Compassionate towards others & service oriented.
  • Encouragement for the balanced development of body, mind, heart & spirit.
  • Development of self care skills.

The curriculum espouses five prominent element namely concept knowledge, skills, attitudes & action. The students are taught to strive for excellence & imbibe values which include – inquirers, knowledgeable, thinkers, balanced & open-minded.


The students are trained & nurtured to improve

  • their expression of oral & written work
  • their confidence level by applying the concepts in practical situations
  • understanding of the difference between what is right and what is wrong.

The approach focuses on intercultural understanding, interdisciplinary learning & development of the complete personality of child.


For senior classes -

The child is taught & motivated keeping in view that he should be positive, more confidence & fluent in spoken as well written English. Regular practice of the course is given to make the child aware of the pattern of the examination, learning for time management. Speed & accuracy is given due emphasis so that child is able to complete the entire paper will in time with sufficient time for revising the paper also. The integrated approach incorporates active participation in the Arts & Community service, in addition to the study of languages & academic. They also learn the necessary skills required to face the challenges of rigorous & innovative programme.


To learn by doing

We believe that all students should have a thorough grounding in the sensible use of information technology and we are constantly expanding the facilities available to our students. We have online connection which is networked throughout the school & the students can use it at home also by using their assigned passwords.

LearningThe school provides regular practical facilities in adequately equipped labs for Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Commerce, Computer, Geography, Languages, Mathematics, General environment studies etc. All are equipped with modern technology. All these modern labs have been set up to teach children through visual & tactile senses to understand abstract concept so that learning can be fun not a fear. All the students are taken to these labs as per their schedule to make them aware of the world as learning by doing helps them in reviewing and reinforcing scientific and experimental concepts and developing investigative skills.

Since the last years, we have been successful in organizing the science exhibition, quizzes and seminars. All participants present their well-prepared & high quality submissions. These opportunities motivate the students to explore & invent something new. Enquiry based learning inspire students for a research oriented approach to the curriculum.


Continuous & comprehensive evaluation pattern is being followed throughout the school except for std. XI & XII. The formative & summative assessments will be considered according to the level of the child’s scholastic & co-scholastic level. No formal exams will be given for Std. PP-I to Std. III. The students will be assessed regularly & complete cumulative record will be maintained thoroughly.

In this rapidly changing scientific world, we need to change in every sphere of activity in consonance with the changes taking place globally. We are scaling greater heights day by day in scholastic as well as co-scholastic areas with the sustained efforts of the management, academic as well as non academic staff of the students.

Academic Rigour


Hostel StudentsHomework is an essential and compulsory element of school life given in order to:

  • enable students to work on their own
  • consolidate the topics covered in lessons
  • prepare students for future lessons

The amount of homework given varies with the subject and the age of the students and each one is given homework, time table and the syllabus to ensure that the load is evenly spread throughout each week. In addition to this, all students are issued with a planner and they are expected to write in the homework set on a daily basis. The note-books will be monitored in school by the teachers but we expect you to guide your wards in completing their homework to create good homework habit.


We rely on strong support & interest from home to maintain a high level of achievement for each and every member of the school. Yet, in the day boarding system we take much of the responsibility of parents also to guide the students personally by keeping 8:1students- teacher ratio. Students are also provided healthy & varied diet which is prepared in extremely hygienic atmosphere. We provide buses also to send them back home at late hours.


Special education needsWe recognize that all the students are individuals and that some students have more pressing and persistent learning difficulties. Individual Education Plans are drawn up for all the students with identified special education need to ensure that we provide specific help and guidance to those who require it. This may also entail discussion with outside agencies.


The school follows CBSE guidelines for the academic curriculum as well as examination system for all the classes.
Personal, Social, Health Education and Citizenship Education along with academics is essential part of curriculum. Our course covers topics such as health education, study skills, vocational guidance, social and moral education. Education for the Adolescents is also an integral part of special guidance whose content influences the age and maturity of our students.


AssessmentEvaluation of the children will be based on:

  • Continuous comprehensive assessment of scholastic and co-scholastic activities based on their individual performance throughout the year.
  • Participation in scientific and literary activities.
  • Participation in cultural activities.
  • Participation in games and outdoor activities.
  • Assessment in art, education and computer aided learning
  • Interests & hobbies of the students.
  • Attitude & behavioral indicators.
  • Personal hygiene & cleanliness habits

No marks will be displayed in the report cards as school is following CCE for classes PPI to X. For classes XI & XII, CCE will be adopted as per CBSE guidelines.


Career education and guidance aims to help students to develop the skills and confidence to make realistic and firm decisions about their futures for themselves and to help students manage progression from one stage of their career to next. School is planning to arrange special sessions for the career education and awareness for the students of classes. X to XII.

Co-Curricular Activities


We organize language quizzes & exhibitions for the improvement of English, Hindi and Sanskrit where our students display their keen interest to learn more & more and to study better in each language. School provides the option of learning any foreign language also. Emphasis on spoken English for fluency, speed & accuracy is laid upon to make the children more confident & well versed.


TalentOver the past few years our students have established a very good reputation in the field of performing Arts, Music, Drama and Dance.
Each year we provide opportunity to the students in the Open Talent Shows where they get the platform to sing, dance, enact plays / skits or to perform any other stage skill. There are many drawing & painting competitions conducted at the school as well district, state or national level.
Our house & class days are the special days for all the students where they get individual exposure under the guidance of their house masters. Each and every student of the house participates in the special functions directly or indirectly on various themes. Indian culture & tradition is given utmost priority for all the events.



House System, is to inculcate the indomitable spirit of mountains in the students and to develop the innate qualities like leadership, self confidence, mutual understanding, the spirit of healthy competition and public speaking. Inter-house activities & competitions are organized by the houses on duty for the week. Our Students are categorized into four houses:-

  • Himalaya
  • Arawali
  • Nilgiri
  • Vindhyachal

In the supervision of house masters & the associate staff, the students get individual attention for their personality development.

Co-curricularCLUBS & FORUMS

Ample opportunities are available for the pupils to develop their innate skills. Various clubs encourage children to take up various learning-based activities. Regular skill honing activities are executed under the guidance of qualified staff members by the following clubs:-

  • Literary Club - for Debate, Declamation, Creative Writing, Story telling, Recitation both in English & Hindi.
  • Heritage Club - Dance, Music, celebration of festivals, awareness of important dates & significant events.
  • Sports Club - to organise Cricket, Badminton, Basketball, Lawn Tennis, Football, Volleyball, Skating, Hockey matches etc.
  • Dramatics - Skits & plays in English as well as Hindi.
  • Adventurous Club - mountaineering, trekking, rifle shooting, obstacles like monkey crawl, Brahma bridge, Tarzan Jump, Commando net, Balance, Crawl tranche along with swimming also.
  • Eco Club - Planting trees, awareness about environment and looking after the school lawns.
  • Computer Club - to lay special emphasis on web-designing & preparing software, extra exposure is provided to the students to enhance their creativity in the programming skill.
  • Health Club – to inculcate the awareness of health & hygiene, every day health tips are given during assembly & the Health club organizes various health awareness programmes from time to time.

To spread the wings of knowledge, Tours and excursions are a regular feature in the school. Students are taken to the historical, educational & adventurous trips from time to time to experience the learning by doing. Position holders from every class are taken to these places once a year free of cost to encourage them and develop the sense of competition further.


SportsThe school provides full exposure to the games & sports to help our students inculcate the virtue of sportsmanship. Skating, Tai-Kwando, Hockey, Commando obstacles, Basket ball, Badminton, Football, Cricket, Lawn tennis, Table tennis etc. have been given due importance along with academics.

Regarding the sports activities record & the extra attention, we are not second to any other school of the city. Athletics meet is organized every alternate year with the aim to develop sports spirits in the students when more than 90% students participate in various events.

SportsSchool has endeavour of N.C.C. team of our young students. Our unit has been constructed including boys and girls and they are being trained to give their best for the community & the society. A trained lady coach is always with the team to look after various training schedules as well as extra activities related to N.C.C. Team.

Competence of Faculty


We have a team of highly qualified, dedicated, innovative and experienced teachers. To keep them updated, motivated and fine-tuned in their professional competence, Facultythe school organizes seminars, workshops and lectures in the school as a part of the on-going teacher education programmes. We inspire the teaching faculty to learn the best so that we can give the best to our students. Not only for the teaching staff members but the administrative staff also i.e. Principal as well as Vice Principal are always very keen to attend the seminars & workshops being organized by the recognized & well-reputed institutions. We welcome more & more innovative techniques & system to follow higher order of things & to prepare better learning platforms.

Individual Attention


Parent Teacher Meet

Our prime aim is to ensure that our students are able to benefit fully from all that the school has to offer.

We believe that if they are happy, they will be busy and will be able to make the most of their potential, gaining the qualifications and the social skills that they need to follow their chosen courses when they leave school. Wherever possible, continuous care and guidance is provided by keeping each of our students under the pastoral care. There is allocated tutorial time for staff and students to develop the essential close relationships which help to ensure a smooth and profitable stay with us.

Each student has several opportunities for individual discussion with the pastoral tutor which means that all students are motivated and supported by at least one member of staff personally.

The work of the pastoral tutors is coordinated by the Vice Principal & the Principal who are regularly in contact with them through parents meeting. Our teams work hard to ensure that parents, students and staff are all pulling in the same direction and, of course, they prefer to make contact when there is something good to say!


We rely on strong support and interest from home to maintain a high level of achievement for each and every member of the school. Parent teacher meetings are Parents Teacher Meetorganized regularly on every second Saturday of the month to discuss about the ward's performance and progress. We implement your precious suggestions without any prejudice or reservations. We invite you to celebrate the special days with us like Independence day, annual day, sports day etc. to enjoy the happiness together. In addition to these, we celebrate the grandparents day, mother's day, father’s day with you to make you feel our family members. We also procure the services of experts for the special guidance and counseling and parenting.

We want to release capacities, develop analytical abilities and build up confidence, will power & goal setting competencies in the students. We want them to become a self-motivating change agent seeing the best interest of the community. Our aim is to make the children a collaborator both in their own growth & in the development of the community. Our vision is for the individual child hence, stress on each & every student is the prior most feature of our school policies.


To discuss the plans for future and to sort out the general problems of the students, teachers put their heads together in the meeting hall every now and then and result of these discussion are reflected in the better personality of the students. We have best of both worlds – it blends modern methods and new ideas with age old, time started values. Timeless qualities of integrity & dedication are very much the hallmark of our system.


We have regular communication facility through online as well as opinion polls on mobile. We welcome & acknowledge the suggestions of the parents regarding any important matters dealing with the safety & development of their children.

Value for MoneyValue for Money

We know the importance of money & especially when we want to collect the maximum from all round the world to give our students the best. The school is totally based on giving attitude. Whatever fee & funds are deposited by the parents, these are totally used for students’ welfare, their facilities & faculties. The account system is very transparent & being run by quite responsible & dedicated employees, who understand the need of students & society.

We make our students also to know & value money so that they can be good & productive in their lives. Our students learn that those who have something should give to those who don’t. They are motivated to value the water & electricity power through various programmes like save electricity & water campaigns. There are very little things which are inspired through our actions rather than words & make the most difference.

Parents’ contribution is well recognized & we are only a medium to distribute their contribution in the well-being of their children & for their growth & development. We want our students to be sensitive & responsible individuals.