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Innovations in Teaching

Glimpses of School System

Progress is the key-

School BuildingTo make our students more creative & nurture them in harmonious & conducive environment, we provide best infrastructure, state of the art labs & workshop centers. We have twelve well equipped subject labs which develop their curious and creative capacities. Through various high tech & advanced facilities, the students discover their hidden capabilities & instill a commitment to serve the society. We have two separate wings:-
Junior wing:
It has capacity of four hundred students & is designed specially for pre-primary students. Concept-based safe rooms, well-equipped olfactory labs, brain-waves corners, play zones with puddle pool, sand pool, indoor sports & computer lab, outdoor swings zone have been set up for the tiny tots.
Senior Wing
: This wing is spread in 8-acres area with beautifully designed campus surrounded by various lawns & nurseries. The building is specially founded to face any critical disasters-fire, storm or earthquake etc. Various play grounds & courts, reading rooms, well-equipped labs & workshop centers make it a real learning centre. We believe our school as a living soul hence five elements of the soul have been designed & displayed accordingly.

School as a Living Soul-

We believe school as a living soul so our school has the concept of five basic elements of life.

  • Sky- Rainbow club It has been assigned for exposure & opportunities related to cultural activities (Capacity of 700 students).
  • Water Beach club It has been specially designed for indoor sports activities of junior students (Capacity of 300 students).
  • Fire Radiation club This club is meant for meditation & positive energy (Capacity of 300 students).
  • Air Atrium (Open air theater) Beautifully designed with artistically displayed plants & walls for the best environment where class-wise performances are presented & school festivals are organized.
  • Land Edifying club Large impressive hall to improve people mind & attitude likely to be furnished within session for the great minds at conference & planning to improve & encourage the students.

Day Boarding System

We rely on strong support & interest from home to maintain a high level of achievement for each & every member of the school. Still in the day boarding system we take much of the responsibility of parents also to guide the studentspersonality by keeping 20:1, students teachers ratio. Students are also provided healthy & varied diet which is prepared in extremely hygienic atmosphere. We provide buses also to send the back home at late hours.

Students Safety


Transport Facility: The school has its own fleet of comfortable buses to bring the students from all the corners of the district on reasonable charges. We have sincere concern towards students safety.
Students Safety Insurance:
All the students are covered under personal accident insurance. In case of any claim, you will have to deposit all the medical & consultation receipts in the time.
Medical Facilities:
The school has facilities for routine medical checkup by expert medical officers. Health records of the students are maintained in their respective files. Parents are requested to keep the school authorities informed of specific medical requirement. School provides medical facilities in case of minor injuries whenever required. Monthly visits of the doctor is ensured in the hostel to take special care of health of our students.

Windows of opportunities-

House system to inculcate the indomitable spirit of mountains in the students and to develop the innate qualities like leadership, self-confidence, mutual understanding, the spirit of healthy competition and public speaking, inter- house activities and competitions are organized by the houses on duty for the week. Our students are categories into four houses :-

  • Himalaya
  • Arawali
  • Nilgiri
  • Vindhyachal

In the supervision of house masters & the associate staff, the students get individual attention for their personality development.

Clubs & Forums :

Ample opportunities are available for the pupils to develop their innate skills. Various clubs encourage children to take up various learning based activities. Regular skill honing activities are executed under the guidance of qualified staff members by the following clubs :-

  • Literary club - for debate, Declamation, Creative Writing, Story telling, Recitation both in English & Hindi.
  • Heritage club - Dance, Music, celebration of festivals, awareness of important dates & significant events.
  • Sports club - to organize Cricket, Badminton, Basketball, Lawn Tennis, Football, Volleyball, Scatting, Hockey matches, Rifle shooting etc.
  • Dramatics Skits & Plays in English as well as Hindi.
  • Adventurous club Mountaineering, Trekking, Rifle shooting, Obstacles like Monkey crawl, Brahma bridge, Tarzan Jump, Commando net, Balance, Crawl tranche along with Swimming also.
  • Eco Club Planting trees, awareness about environment and looking after the school lawns.
  • Computer Club to lay special emphasis on web-designing & preparing software, extra exposure is provided to the students to enhance their creativity in the programming skill.
  • Health Club to inculcate the awareness about health & hygiene every day health tips are given during assembly & the club organizes various health awareness programme time to time.

To spread wings of knowledge Tour and excursion are a regular feature in the school. Students are taken to the historical, educational & adventurous trips from time to-time to experience the learning by doing.
Position holders from every class are taken to these places in a year free of cost to encourage them and develop the sense of competition further.

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