Ms. Kiran Dalal

Welcome to Bright Scholar Senior Secondary School, a C.B.S.E affiliated, English medium, co-educational school that combines the very best in educational practices, powered and propelled by a philosophy of education that is eclectic and yet truly modern. We provide the options of adopting Day Scholar, day boarding or residential facility as per convenience of the parents.

Here, I know that your sons /daughters will be challenged to achieve the full potential in a warm and caring family environment, no matter, what their abilities are. They will be effectively supported by a team of dedicated, experienced teachers and support staff. The school has been deemed to be a very effective learning environment as a result of the good teaching and excellent relationships. Anyone can see clearly care and support being provided to all the students in view of this excellent environment and continued examination successes, together with our acknowledged ability to add value to our students performance. All pupils have an equal chance to use the extensive facilities available to both curricular and extra-curricular activities. They are encouraged to participate in many school visits, competitions and excursions, which broaden their academic and social skills.

We take great pride in our school. We want our students to be proud of their school and take pride in various aspects of their development. The students are expected to enhance the reputation of the school by the way they behave, be it in the classroom, principalwhen they represent the school in sporting or other outside activities or simply during the time when they travel to and from school. They are the school ambassadors and we expect them to act as such. We like to keep in close contact with both parents and students. We produce a very successful daily newsletter and, of course, we report regularly on students progress through online/ sms/ circulars/ diaries or even visiting your houses. You will also read articles about the Quality of the school and the high standard of the teaching in the local press along with on-line school website. We very much value communication from home. This is done through the planner, which each student carries with him, or through personal contact during PTM. Your support is vital, if we are to ensure success for your child.

Our school is committed to improve opportunities for all and is building on the successes that already exist or anyone can visualize for a school.

Once you know our school, I know you will be proud of it too.

We believe every student is a scholar
Hence we brighten his capabilities
To brighten the future of our country

Our Vision

Sh. Ashok Ganguly, Ex-chairman, CBSE stressed in his speech on the topics School for the future: when will we change that schools need to become learning centers and part of learning networks. They need to take care of the individual difference of children. Due emphasis need to be placed on accelerated growth with the help of information technology. It is important to give creativity and motivation a place in learning as this creates motivated learner. Each school needs to produce students who will have a capacity for life-long learning to success and satisfaction as good citizen and productive workers in a knowledge society.

We firmly agree with the thoughts of Mr. Ganguly and hence implement his vision for the school for future in the real terms. The foundation on which our school is conceptualized is to brighten potential, scholastic skills and talents of all the students. Our pedagogy emphasizes on developing higher order thinking skill by ensuring deep learning in an automatic learning environment. Here, the students are actively engaged in Visionknowledge integration by utilizing various advanced technologies like on line education programme. This special programme is based on the need to create curiosity to bring out their creativity and developing their interest pathways to powerful outcomes. By making children work in groups and teaching them the basic skills needed for collaborative and co-operative endeavor, we are empowering them to face the challenges of life with confidence. To nurture and nourish the students to the development of their integrated personalities, here are bundles of opportunities in the school. Morning assembly, culture programmes, field trips, sports competitions, festivals celebration charity and many other activities have been properly planned so that the children are able to see and imbibe the basic values in order to become good human beings. Psychological experiments and pastoral care have been sub stained to create a learning environment that is free from fear and stress for children. We are determined to create not only successful leaders for the future but also good & smart human beings and responsible citizens to strive not only for a better quality but also a higher quality of life.

VisionAs the school proclaims itself to be the school for the future, we have implemented the scheme of continuous & comprehensive evaluation (CCE) not only for std. IX but for all the classes except Std XI & XII in the year 2009- 2010 itself as this scheme emphasizes on development of necessary personality attributes & other co-scholastic areas along with desired levels of attainment in the scholastic domain will help the young learners grow into a better human beings and will enable them to contribute meaningfully towards societal requirement & national expectations. Both the head & heart have an equal role to play in the holistic development of an individual.

The school compliments the ministry of Human Resources Development, Govt. of India & CBSE particularly Sh. Kapil Sibal ji & Sh. Vineet Joshi Ji for their efforts to create a good model for improvement of quality of secondary education in the country.

Our Objectives

Our Prime Goal right from the beginning has been to bring out the human potential in each child and thus to promote excellence through value-based education with a relevant and continuously updated curriculum and modern Tech-Aided teaching methodology. We expect that our Bright Scholars who go out of the portals of this school into the world will be knowledgeable, multi-skilled, socially committed and Our objectivehumane. The School Management is committed to the furtherance of the aims and objectives of the school with single-minded devotion. No effort is being spared in adding to or updating the infrastructure, in inducting the best educational technology, in helping to enhance the competence of the teaching faculty so that children may stand to benefit at all times.We provide the children with all opportunities to be innovative, independent and confident so that they may channelize their energies towards creative pursuits. We believe every student is a scholar hence we brighten his capabilities to brighten the future of our country.

our Objective The school aims at imparting a complete, quality and value based education in the true sense of its meaning, not only by way of formidably high-academic standard but also by developing all faculties-intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual. We enable the students to develop analytical, intellectual, critical, curiosity, moral integrity and strong sense of values. We lay strong emphasis on sports, co-curricular activities, out-door activities and project work. Education is related to real life experiences. Our system of education is not confined to the class-room but related to day-to-day life.

In nutshell, we aim

  • to bring up the child in the right direction
  • to develop all-round personality in all respects by making them participate actively in indoor and outdoor activities.
  • to develop his/her potentialities to the maximum.
  • to produce the outstanding academic results.


I would like to highlight the vision of our school i.e. to release capacities, develop analytical abilities, build up confidence, will power & goal setting competencies of the students. We want them to become a self motivating change agent serving the best interest of the community. Our aim is to make the child a collaborator both in his own growth & in the development of the community. Our vision is for the individual child hence stress on each & every student is the prior most feature of our school policies.

Since the last five sessions, our strength of the students has been increased from 750 to approx 1200. It proves itself that support & faith of parents in the school system is increasing day by day, our mission is not to earn money. We know our responsibilities & commitment towards our jobs. We encourage, motivate our students to excel academically and hence are organizing special classes for the above average students & the below average students accordingly so that they can get more confidence in themselves & achieve the best.

Our AchievementsOverall result of std X has been 100% consecutively for three years. Our teaching faculty is not only well qualified but ready to dedicate their time & energy for the students progress. They are always eager to give the best to the students.

To make our students more creative & nurture them in the harmonious & conducive environment, We provide our students the best infrastructure, state of the art labs and to add to it 13 well equipped subject labs which develop their creative capacities. Our students are provided maximum opportunities to participate in various events & competitions throughout the year. Our students in more than 100 activities from std PP to std XII. Through there activities, the students discover their own capabilities & instill a commitment to serve the society.

Not only through the school activities, we encourage our children to participate in outside school activities- tests, quizzes, cultural programmes, art & music competition, sports activities also where they exhibit their talent & various skills & learn a lot too. Our teachers are also being sent for various workshops so that they pick up the best & can benefit the students.

If we look at the sports activities record & extra attention to the sports facilities we are not second to any other school of the city. Swimming, Rifle shooting, cricket, hockey, football, skating, taekwondo, basketball, volley ball, carom, ludo, chess, throw ball, kho-kho, Archery etc. and various athletics have been laid emphasis equally, Every Our AchievementsSaturday, we organize special/session for sports hour. We have regular coaches for swimming, cricket, hockey, rifle shooting, basket ball, kho-kho for the development of these skills in the students. Last year Athletics meet; Bright Wings was organized for three days with the aim of developing sports spirit in the students. In this meet, more then 900 students have participated enthusiastically. Every year, there magazines have been released to update the information of parents about various activities happening in the school.

In the IT field, We can proudly claim that we are the leaders, on line education facility, PTA coordinators through net & SMS & direct communication make us just a second away from you, It has helped us a lot in building up direct coordination with the parents. This year we have online system for Pre-Primary students also to encourage concept based learning which we hope will also prove to be success for the better development & progress of students as well as school.

The torch bearers of the Future and wishes from the corner of my heart.

We know school is preparing the society of future hence we take our school as the school for future. We lay stress as the social awareness campaigns & various other programmes to bring up the school & society together. We students learn to develop themselves socially.