1.School has its own fleet of buses which ply on the routes decided by the school. The routes and pickup points are displayed on the notice board of the school. Parents desirous of availing this facility indicate their willingness in the appropriate column in the admission form.
2.Although all precautions are taken for the safety of the students and the staff who are availing school conveyance , traveling in the school van or bus is however at their own risk.
3.The routes are pre-determined and will not enter any narrow lanes.
4.Small children who are to be handed over to the guardians will be brought back to the school in the absence of none to receive them at the designated stop. In that case , the child should be picked from the school by the parents or guardians themselves.
For more details Contact Transport Incharge Mr. B.S. Antil- 9996166888
S.NoVehicle NumberRoute NoStoppage
1HR-69C-02891Bahalgadh, Jai Nursery, Badhkhalsa, Sushant City, Nangal, TDI, Kundli, Rai, Piyaumaniyari, Cinema Hall Kundli, Nathupur, Rasoi, Pitampura, 20th Mile , Vimlesh Factory, Jat Joshi
2HR-69A-75262Sewali Bus Stand and Medical Store, Jakholi Sabzi mandi, Jakholi Transformer, Jhundpur Tempo Stand, Govt. School, Kherwa Main, Great Mission School, Deepalpur Bandin, Bhalgadh, Sai Centre
3HR-69B-32854-I RoundSec 15 Gate 2, Sec 15 park, 196, Gate 4, Ho.No- 134,140,119,996, 1157, 1137, 1429, HBC Market, HBC Gate 1, Gardh Temple, Shahjanpur, Omaxe
4HR-69B-32854-II RoundSec 15, H.No 1267, 121, 595, Raju Dairy, Batra Hospital, HBC Park, Electrical House, Gate 4, Hudda Ground Sec 12
5HR-69-06735Huda Park, Sec 14 Market, Chintpurni Mandir, Jankidass School, Murthal Road, HBC, Sabzi Mandi, Murthal Adda, Mukhi Hospital, Seed Market, Devilal Chowk, Bus Stand, Labour Chowk, Gali No3, Community Hall
6HR-69-06735-II RoundSame as I Round
7HR-69-06726Sec14, Chnitpurni Mandir, H.No 720, Jankidas Hospital Maharaja Agarsen, Main Market, DE Office, Bharat Hospital, Riya Garg H.N-697, 1048, Fazilpur temple
8HR-69-06726-IIH.N-688, 596, Govt. School, DE Office, Devru Road, gas Agency, Sabzi Mandi, Huda Park, Bharat hospital, Sec 14 Market, Sec 15 Marker, Fazilpur
9HR-69-75277Sai Dham Kabirpur, Old DC Road, Deepak Mandir, Friends park, Model Town, Kacchey Quarter, Sikka Colony, Gujaria Hospital, Subhash Chowk
10HR-69-75277-II RoundSai Dham, Kabirpur, Friends park, Nandwani Nagar, Indira Colony, Kachhey Quarter, Delhi Road, Sikka Colony, Civil Hospital , Sec 12
11HR-69B-43688Hasanpur, Murthal GT Road, Murthal Eng College, Sec 15 Gurudwara, Fazilpur
12HR69-32859Chauhan Joshi, Deepalpur, Makinpur, Kisora, Kumaspur
13HR69-32859-II RoundChauhan Joshi, Deepalpur
14HR-69B-354810Icici Bank, Sikka Colony, Shiv Mandir, HDFC Bank, Balaji Vastra Bhandaar , Sikka Colony, Gurudwara, Sec 12 Park
15HR-69B-354810-II RoundNandwani Nagar, Laxmi Narayan Mandir, KC Modern School. Bal Vikas School, Nanak Gurudwara, Balaji Vastra Bhandar, ICICI Bank wali gali, Sec 12/15 Dividng
16HR-69-052611Jajal, Khewra Road, Khewra Mai nstreet, Chauhan Joshi
17HR-69-052611-II RoundBhalgadh, anguri Devi Hospital, Factory band, Khewra 3 stops
18HR-69-581412Nandwani Nagar, Sikka Colony, Janta Colony
19HR-69-581412-II RoundSec 15, Gard Sahanjanpur
20HR-69-932014Kalupur Chungi, Harsana Kalan, Jagdishpur, Bandepur, Police Chowki, Rathdhana Road, ITI Chowk
21HR-69-9320II RoundSai Baba Mandir, Kabirpur, Kabirpur Asharm, Jeewan Nagar, Model Town, Nandwani Nagar, Sikka Colony, TVS Showroom
22HR-69-777615- I RoundSugar Mill, Devru Road, Jeewan Vihaar, Sec 15, H.No 15,16
23HR-69-777615- II-RoundSec 15, Adarsh Nagar, Sharma Hospital, Gurudwara
24HR-69-773916-I RoundFaiz Bazar, Batra Colony, Cloth Market
25HR-69-773916-II-RoundShani Mandir, Mahabir Colony, Dayal Chowk, Geeta Bhawan Chowk, Narang Hospital, Hem Nagar, Sanskrit College,
26HR-511717Bahalgadh, Rai, Jat Joshi, Ahmadpur
27HR-5117II RoundMurthak , Hasanpur, Eng. College, Omaxe, Shahpur
28HR-69-448718-I RoundSec 7, Rapur
29HR-69-448718-II- RoundSec 12, Panwar House, Nepsco, Anad Pur, Jat Joshi
30HR-69B-632619Kakroi Road, Vikas Nagar, Sec 23, Sec 14,
31HR-69B-632619-II-RoundSec 12, Govt. School
32HR-69B-238021- I RoundKacchey Quarter, Sikka Colony, Siddarth, Masco, Ahmed Nagar
33HR-69B-238021-II-RoundSewali, Manin Chowk, Balgram , Sports School, Badhkhalsa, Kirana Store, Sushant City, Nangal Vilage, Nangal Main Road, Kundli, Piyau Bridge 20 Mile Bank, Badhmalik Main Road, Rai
34HR-69-448522-I-RoundGur Mandi, West Ram Nagar, Shastri Colony
35HR-69-448522-II-RoundMirch Mandi, West Ram Nagar, Gohana Road, Shastri Colony
36HR-69-727623-I-RoundEldico, Shahjhanpur, Omaxe City
38HR-69B-511724-I-RoundSports School, Bal Gram, 20 Mile , Badhmalik
39HR-69B-511724-II-RoundMurthal, Omaxe