Science Lab

Being the top school in Sonipat our school is equipped with Science labs that follow high standards of modern education system as well as the guidelines of government of India for the best facilitation of the students to understand the minor to major topics from theory through simple to critical experimentations. All Lower Junior classes are taught predominantly for their practical endeavors. The additional expertise in terms of knowledge can be achieved through a sequence of procedures done in the labs under the guidance of trained and highly experienced teachers.

Physics Lab

We have highly equipped and updated lab with latest amenities to take up practical experimentations and projects of any level facilitating the students to gain expertise in their arenas. Physics labs are crucial in making the students understand theory based information by acknowledging the same through a series of self-performed practicals as we provide this with expertise.

Chemistry lab

Our chemistry lab is well equipped with all the apparatus and chemicals to meet the demand of practicals required for the experimentation. All the security measures are taken care of during the experimentation procedures and are performed under the guidance of concerned faculty or staff members.

Biology lab

Bio lab at our school is all equipped to perform experiments by the students from all classes starting from std. VI as per CBSE guidelines. Bilo lab is a perfect place to learn about the living organisms and their way of life.