Chairman Message

Sh. Surender Panwar is a person of deep compassion and kind heart. Well known in social and political circles of Sonepat. He is amiable, always accessible and ever willing to help the needy and the poor. As a Social Worker and Philanthropist, he is actively associated with several social NGOs. He established Bright Scholar Senior Secondary School with the aim of sound character building, spirit of patriotism and providing quality education to the children of NCR.


‘Great personalities are shaped with great experiences’. A complete grown personality has to have a balance of physical, emotional, social and spiritual attributes. The new generation of children exhibit skills and talents of unparalleled genius. The future belongs to those who are Inquirers, Knowledgeable, Thinkers, Principled, Communicators, Open minded, Risk takers and Reflective. It is my vision to provide the world with motivated, responsible and disciplined youth, to shape a better future. I believe this can be achieved by strengthening their foundation upon which they can create a successful future for themselves and the society around them. Guided by these virtues, we run our programmes, keeping in mind the potential of child and a way to indentify the inherent potential of child and then to nurture it. A child centric place, Bright Scholar School offers spectrum of activities leading to multiple experiences and enrichment of students’. Each of these activities is like the beads of a rosary, tied to a common thread – of Trust and Excellence. The spacious, airy and naturally lighted classrooms in serene surroundings, animated by experienced faculties from reputed schools of the country form the core team of the academic programme. The best pedagogical practices along with excellent ICT support and world class infrastructure makes it convenient for children to learn. The state of the art sports facility coupled with the Sports Mentor Programme help us to instill the values in the sports fields, where children are most open and receptive to grasp subtle values in a relaxed and vibrant environment. The best skills for cognition, effective communication, negotiation, computing, stress management and clarity of thoughts under pressure etc. are learnt in the sports field, which is an indispensable part of any profession today and in the future. We are committed to build a lifelong relationship, a happy confident young individual and a better human being to make this world a better place to live.Bright Scholar present an unparalleled experience for Life.

I wish you all Good Luck !

Sh.Surender Panwar