A school magazine mirrors various and varied students centric activities of a given period of school calendar.The current issue of 'Reflections' does so of the year 2016.On having gone through its pages,I note that the school activities are oriented to prepare the students for a fulfilling, purposeful and enlightened life.I should hope that readers will like and appreciate our continued efforts to excel in imparting quality education.May I record with pleasure and pride my ever growing satisfacation over the funtioning and achievements of the school with which my close and personal association is now over a decade and a half.May the school acquire brighter Iustre in the times to come!



The state of the art sports facility coupled with the Sports Mentor Programme help us to instill the values in the sports fields, where children are most open and receptive to grasp subtle values in a relaxed and vibrant environment. The best skills for cognition, effective communication, negotiation, computing, stress management and clarity of thoughts under pressure etc. are learnt in the sports field, which is an indispensable part of any profession today and in the future.We are committed to build a lifelong relationship, a happy confident young individual and a better human being to make this world a better place to live.Bright Scholar presents an unparalleled experience for Life.


Vice Chairman

We encourage students to utilize our high standard of teaching-learning services. Our objective is to create a class of qualified, innovative and dynamic professionals for the future, for self-employment and for academic & research institutions of socio-economic importance.



The Focus Of Bright Scholar is to Prepare the Students for global challenges by providing quality education and creating a generation of youngsters who will be leaders in their respective fields with strong value systems embedded through their schooling.



‘Lead by Example.’ Rightly said that a leader is someone whose actions inspire others to dream more, learn more and do more and this is what we practise at Bright Scholar Senior Secondary School. The success of a school depends upon the outcome of learning aims and objectives of its curriculum plan. It is important to understand the learning styles and capabilities of children. In the early years of learning the school introduces the child centered scientifically structured curriculum that ensures effective learning and makes the child interpersonal and intrapersonal smart in a safe pollution free environment. Committed to make Bright Scholars, The school has a team of dedicated faculty members in each department who are fully qualified. Under the guidance of dynamic administration, these teams work round the clock to produce quality students well fitted to the E-world of today. Here, the students are not only trained to excel in academic but attempts are also made to shape them as good citizens of this great Nation.